Shatt Al-Basra Combined Cycle Power Plant

The Power Plant Project is located in Basra Governate, South of Iraq, approximately 10 Km to the west from the Al-Basra city, and the area of the Power Station is 440 Acres. The Simple cycle gas station works on three types of fuel (natural gas, Gas oil, and heavy fuel), which was constructed previously, belongs to the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity (MOE). The station is composed of ten units (GE Model PG9171 and each unit is 125 MW) with a total capacity of the simple cycle of 1250 MW.

RAZ Company


  • The project is expanded by adding an environmentally friendly combined cycle with a capacity of 650MW, it consists of five units. The Combined cycle belongs to Kar Electrical Power Production Trading FZ, contracts have been made with Siemens, Germany for supplying Steam Turbine and Generators and WUXI Boiler to supply Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) and the Balance of the Plant Equipment (BOP) has been provided from various countries according to approved specifications in a total of 91 shipments which weighted over 54,000 Tons (Approx.) and total volume of 165,000m3.
  • RAZ was awarded to conduct and complete pile works, civil works, site security works, site temporary facility construction and management works, water intake structure, pipeline detail design, and construction work. The project has reached a total of 6400 piles with a depth of 30-36 meters length, excavation works up to 360,000M³, sand gravel and backfilling around 230,000M³, with total pouring concrete up to 100,000M³, Road length around 10 Km, and at the peak manpower (local and international) reached up to 1350 person/day.
  • The combined cycle units help to improve the efficiency and reliability of the Iraqi electrical grid system by producing additional electrical power without extra fuel consumption depending on exhaust gases of the simple cycle gas station.

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